Build Process

We build custom, tailored vans. We work closely with our clients to design and deliver professional, unparalleled craftsmanship, start to finish, to meet lifestyle needs, design aesthetic, and ultimate versatility. To answer your question, yes, of course we can do that.

1. Initial Assessment

Schedule a meeting with our design team to begin drafting the rig you have always imagined. We’ll start with an initial assessment of the lifestyles you want to incorporate into the design alongside the aesthetic that keeps you up at night scouring over travel blogs. Together with our own experiences of life on the roads, rivers, and rocks, we’ll begin the design phase.

2. 3D Modeling & Presentation

We provide a fully functional 3D rendering of every build. We’ll present you with a walkthrough of exactly what your van will look and feel like, so you know exactly what you are getting, without compromise. We will also present an approximate budget and options to further tailor your needs. Once the design and budget has been confirmed, we’ll generate a purchase order for approval, and a deposit will be required prior to build. Your Sprinter Van will then be scheduled for production.

3. Hand Crafted in Golden, Colorado

We are proud of where we come from, and proud to build incredible Adventure Vans right here where all of our friends live. We strive to source products locally to help support our community, mainly because people here are cool and share our lust for the outdoors. We don’t have to go far (although sometimes we like to) because there is abundant adventure right here.

4. Delivery

It’s a big day for you! We’ve designed, we’ve built, we’ve tested. That’s right, we take every van out on a small excursion locally for a few days and push all systems to their limits so you can rest assured. Let’s be honest, we build vans because we also have an adventure fetish, its very symbiotic. Not mandatory, but we highly recommend it for selfish reasons.

5. Service & Support

Once you have purchased a Colorado Adventure Van, you instantly become part of an elite family of adventure seekers, vagabonds, weekend warriors, bikers, climbers, fisherman, live a boards, travel bloggers, only to name a few. We stand by our vans, with an unwavering customer loyalty program and a first in, first out service policy.

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