Van Upgrades & Innovations

“If it fits in our shop, we can do it.”

Bring in your adventure rig–whether it be a Sprinter, Promaster, Transit, or another–and talk to us about the customizations you would like. Custom builds and upgrades are our expertise–no two vans we work on are the same. 

Bikes, kayaks, motorcycles, or any accessories that you need can be incorporated into the design.If you can dream it, we can build it.  


Flarespace: Extend your panel bed area for your Sprinter van conversion.

Additional Windows: Multiple variations to give natural lighting to your Sprinter RV. 


Retractable steps: Steps appear when the door opens, eliminating the one-foot step-up into your Sprinter camper van. 

Ladders: Aluminess product made specifically for your Sprinter van conversion.

Roof racks: Aluminess van roof racks fit the entirety of your Mercedes Sprinter RV. 

Awning: Supply your Sprinter van conversion with a fully electric awning that makes for an easy porch.

Light bars: Nothing says badass Sprinter camper van like off-roading light bars. 

Bumpers: Aluminess bumpers supplied with winches & LED lights make your Sprinter camper van ready for some serious off-roading.

Bike racks: Store your bikes on the rear-bumper swivel of your Sprinter van conversion to allow more living space inside.

Storage Box: Keep your gear safe and outside your Sprinter van with this Aluminess product.

Outdoor Kitchen: Cook outside to again save space inside your Sprinter RV.

Custom Woodwork

Cabinets: Custom cabinets made in-shop deliver space-saving options for your Sprinter van conversion.

Benches: Also custom made in-shop allow you to store items below the seat in your Sprinter van conversion.

Beds: Also made in-shop, these panel beds are tailored to your specifications.

Flooring: Choose between wood flooring and a more scratch-resistant plastic flooring, depending on your Sprinter camper van needs.


Foldaway: One of the best ways to save space in a Sprinter RV is a folding bench seat (folding sofa).

Captain’s Chairs: For longer Sprinter camper vans, captain’s chairs are a more comfortable option.

Benches: Custom to your Sprinter conversion van, this option increases storage capacity.


Heating/hot water systems: Bring the heat to your Sprinter van conversion with known brands like Webasto, Aquahot, and Kelvion.

Outdoor Shower: Attached to your door panel or bench seat of the Sprinter van.

Bathroom (indoor shower/cassette toilet): Combine a shower with a cassette toilet in this mini Sprinter camper van bathroom. 

Water Tanks: Save space in your Sprinter van with over-the-wheel-well water tanks.


Solar: Fit your solar system to the needs of your Sprinter van conversion. 

LED lighting: Accent lighting customizable with an app on your phone.

Projector: Now you can enjoy a movie night in your Sprinter camper van.

Inverter/Batteries: With customization comes space saving in the conversion van arena.

Alternator/Charging: Again, we can save space here by building a custom rig. You’ll be glad for every spare inch in your Sprinter van conversion.

Wheel Well Storage: Winnebago Revels have room for space-saving in the back, over the wheel wells.

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