Custom Woodwork

Cabinets: Made in-house for a perfect fit for your custom van.

Benches: Made in-house to utilize extra space as storage.

Beds: Custom beds also made in-house make your Sprinter van conversion tailored to you.

Flooring: Nothing brings a living area together like nice wood flooring. Or if you’re storing gear like bikes, kayaks, motorcycles, etc. inside your van conversion, get more durable flooring that can take a beating.


Foldaway: A folding sofa (folding bench seat) is a perfect way to save on space.

Captain’s Chairs: For larger custom Sprinter vans, captain’s chairs are a comfortable option.

Benches: Provide great seating and storage in a Sprinter camper van.


Heating/hot water systems: We work with the best systems so you’re still loving your van life during the long winters. Systems used: Webasto, Aquahot, Kelvion (independent/hydronic diesel systems)

Outdoor Shower: If not for you, do it for your sleeping partner! For easy gear or body washing.

Bathroom (indoor shower/cassette toilet): Complete with hot showers and a conversion van essential: the cassette toilet. (The benefit of a cassette toilet is that the holding tank is portable and can easily be transported to a public toilet.)

Water Tanks: Custom fit over the wheel well or elsewhere, this is where customization saves beaucoup space.


Solar: Choose the solar system you’d like or work with us to find the right fit.                                                               

LED lighting: Use your phone to change the color or to synchronize the lighting to the music you’re playing! Another way to customize your Sprinter van experience. 

Projector: Settle in for a nighttime flick with a mini projector and retractable screen. Enter a new era in custom Sprinter vans. 

Inverter/Batteries: The benefit of a custom van build is that these devices can be incorporated in the design so space is used efficiently. 

Alternator/Charging: Same as above, the benefit of a custom van build is that these devices can be incorporated in the design so space is used efficiently. Systems used: Victron, Zantrex